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As charming and elegant as the 17th-century original, this groundbreaking herbal guide combines Nicholas Culpeper’s fascinating text with up-to-date information and modern full-color illustrations. Culpeper—a famed astrologer, physician, and author—covered almost 400 herbs and plants fromAconite and Adder’s Tongue to Yew and Yucca. For each entry, he gave both the Latin and common names, details on where to find it, its flowering time, astrology, and medicinal virtues.  Following the alphabetical list of herbs comes the inventory of illnesses and their cures, as it appeared in 1649.  Many of these plants still occupy a prominent position in the dispensaries of today’s herbalists, so in addition to Culpeper’s entertaining and often caustic comments and descriptions, there are notes on contemporary usage by an established practitioner.